Community Outreach Team

Sheriff Israel recognizes that the most essential element in reducing crime and the fear of crime is the partnerships that we have with our communities. He also knows that high profile incidents and allegations of police misconduct can drive a wedge between law enforcement and the citizens we protect. Law enforcement must have the active support and cooperation of our citizens and communities to be effective in providing a safe and secure environment. Sheriff Israel implemented a Community Outreach team to help build the trusting relationships necessary for long-term partnerships and understanding with the goal of uniting our community. The Sheriff's Community Outreach team includes people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to develop trust, understanding and a method to learn from each other to jointly develop solutions. Community Outreach Team leads our outreach mission by meeting regularly with community groups to engage in dialogue to learn of the community concerns while providing assistance through information about our services and programs, including crime prevention tips and practices. Through continuous and direct interaction, the Community Outreach team connects the Broward Sheriff's Office with the community in a positive and productive manner to foster the ongoing partnership between law enforcement and the community.

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