Juvenile Firesetter Prevention and Intervention Program

Broward County's Juvenile Firesetter Prevention and Intervention Programs provide specialized fire safety education for children ages 2-17 and target at-risk children and teens with an interest in or a history of starting fires, initiating bomb threats, creating destructive incendiary devices or pulling fire alarms. By offering fire safety education instruction and community outreach presentations, the program helps reduce incidents of injury, property loss and death.

Community Outreach Presentations

Are offered without charge and geared toward children and adults in Broward County. Life Safety Educators focus on fire safety in the home and strategies for preventing and reacting to home fires, enforcing educational goals. To schedule a presentation, contact the program at (954) 831-8210, or complete this form and fax it to (954) 831-8218 and a program representative will contact you.

Firesetter Intervention Workshops

Are family-oriented processes requiring parent/guardian participation. At-risk children, referred by the judicial system, parents/guardians, the county's public school system, counseling agencies or other sources may utilize a workshop targeted to the needs of the child.

Parents / guardians may refer their at-risk child to the Firesetter Intervention Program by contacting their local fire department and requesting a referral form. If your municipality is not listed, contact the program at (954) 831-8210.

Juvenile Firesetter Prevention and Intervention Program operates under the direction of the Fire Chiefs' Association of Broward County and is supported by in-kind services from fire rescue personnel from all municipalities and family services organizations in Broward County. This program is managed by BSO's Department of Fire Rescue, Fire Marshal's Bureau.

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