Department of Detention

The Broward Sheriff's Office operates the 13th largest local jail system in the United States, and the second largest to have earned national accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Corrections. The Department of Detention oversees all jail facility operations and community-based offender programs within Broward County.

Department of Detention

Annually, approximately 44,117 inmates crossing every ethnic, age and socioeconomic group are booked into BSO's jail for crimes ranging from civil infractions to murder. The average daily population at all jail facilities, including work release inmates, exceeds 4,600. The department's Transportation Bureau moves nearly 136,102 inmates annually between facilities, to and from court appointments, and to and from state prison. Many inmates arrive with drug or alcohol addictions, mental health problems, or both, requiring BSO to administer a range of medical and rehabilitative programs.

The Department of Detention operates and administers four jail facilities in the county:

Special units like the Emergency Response Team and Security Threat Group-assist detention facility staff in maintaining a secure and productive environment for inmates and facility personnel.

BSO puts non-violent criminals to work in its inmate work program, which saves Broward County taxpayers more than $1.2 million annually in labor costs related to neighborhood and community-wide improvement projects.

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