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The Broward Sheriff's Office is the largest fully accredited sheriff's office in the United States. Its detention system is the 13th largest in the nation and processes more than 70,000 inmates annually. The agency's Department of Detention has met or exceeded the American Correctional Association's (ACA) rigorous national standards established to safeguard the welfare of staff and detainees. The ACA, a 125-year old institution has accredited less than 5% of the 3,300 jail facilities in America.

In November 2001, independent auditors awarded BSO perfect scores of 100% for mandatory and non-mandatory health care standards. BSO also received perfect and near perfect scores, respectively, in mandatory and non-mandatory detention standards.

The ACA accreditation is a first for BSO's Joseph V. Conte Facility, which opened in 1999. The other detention facilities operated by BSO, however, have received accreditation from the ACA every three years since 1996.

The ACA applauded BSO for it "cutting edge" approach to the treatment of mentally ill detainees and for begin the first in the U.S. with an Inmate Hospice Program. The ACA also noted the cleanliness of the BSO detention facilities and the quality of he detention staff.

The Department of Detention and Community Programs was cited in the accreditation for providing offenders with innovative educational, religious and vocational programs. Inmates can also participate in GED programs, an Inmate Work Detail; end addiction problems through Narcotics Anonymous or AA and even helping Habitat for Humanity construct new homes in the county.

The latest ACA accreditations follow respected endorsements for the BSO from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC). Those, along with previous ACA accreditations helped the BSO win the prestigious Triple Crown award from the National Sheriff's Association in 1999. The Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission (FCAC) also recognized BSO in August 2000.

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